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Need A Web Site?

If you are thinking about building a new web site or redesigning one you already have, see our step-by-step guide on what's involved and things you can do to get started!

See our step-by-step guide to building a web site!


Web Design & Development Services:

  • Complete, Professional Web Site Design
  • WordPress Web Site Development
  • WordPress Shopping Cart Implementation
  • Professional attention to SEO
  • Domain Name Registration Assistance (in your name - you own it)
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  • Hosting Account Set-Up
  • Photo Editing, Restoration, Graphic Creation
  • Slideshows, Animated Graphics (non-Flash)
  • Content Editing

Programming/ Database:

  • HTML (the language of a web site)
  • CSS (adds style to your site)
  • JavaScript
  • CFML: Cold Fusion Programming (Allows web sites to connect to and display data from a database)
  • PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, etc.
  • Forms / Processing
  • Database Creation
  • Security / Password Protected Sections
  • E-commerce / shopping cart (Pay Pal or 3rd Party Credit Processing)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • SEO techniques to get your site top ranking.
  • While there are technically no secret tricks to SEO, it does take skill to get your site high ranking the good old-fashioned, organic way. The "trick" is that you need a properly written and designed web site.
  • Because information changes on the web faster than ever before, Google constantly ramps up it's process of indexing to be able to deliver links to new content faster. For web site owners, this means some changes are in order for your SEO strategies. Make sure your site is keeping up with the pace!
  • Code, content and design are all important in how your site gets ranked!
  • Believe it or not, you don't have to pay-for-placement to gain high ranking if you have a properly written and designed web site. Organic search results, with a properly written and designed site, should yield high ranking results. You can then supplement with pay-for-placement programs if you choose.
  • Check out this great video explaining how Google search works.

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Domain Name Registration:

Find your perfect domain now, before someone else does! When you register, the domain names will be in your account and you are free to use our design services or anyone else's that you choose. Registering your domain names is a completely separate transaction from our services and you will be under no obligation whatsoever to use our services. This is simply to register the names you want to use for your web sites. Even if you have an idea for a web site that you aren't planning to put together for a long time to come, register the names now or they'll likely be gone when you get around to it! So do not hesitate, get your names locked in now!

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