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Can’t Connect to FTP on GoDaddy Hosting? Here’s a Solution!

GoDaddy FTP problem solved.  If you are having FTP problems - FTP Will Not Connect using FileZilla - try this solution.   I make passwords really strong and really long.   When creating an FTP username/password in GoDaddy Hosting Control Panel, the password criteria box that pops up says that the password must be between 8-14 characters.  In making a password for my new FTP user, I naturally made it long but didn't count the number of characters it contained....

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Fraudulent Domain Name Renewal Notices – Don’t Fall For This SCAM

SCAM ALERT: If you get a text or e-mail (or snail mail) about your domain name renewal, it may be a scam, even if it looks legit. If you own domain names, DO NOT pay from, or click a link from, one of these renewal notices. INSTEAD, go directly to the web site of YOUR domain registrar by typing their web address in the address bar (DO NOT CLICK LINKS in e-mail or text) and log...

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Google, Facebook and others are spying on you!

Ever wonder why you see ads on Facebook and elsewhere for the same items you recently searched for? It's called targeted marketing and Google, Facebook and others are spying on you! Did you know that Google stores a list of everything you search for and all of the YouTube videos you watch and more?!? ...

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