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Web Site Design & Development

Complete, Professional Web Site Design & Development & Ongoing Maintenance

Custom WordPress Site Development

Custom WordPress Development, Shopping Cart Integration, CMS and All The Bells & Whistles!

Domain & Hosting Assistance

Domain Name Registration Assistance (in your name – you own it); Hosting Account Consultation / Set-Up.

SEO, Social Media Consulting & More

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Consultation On Social Media and Other Needed Web Site Services.

About & Bio
A Little About Your Web Designer

Having been a professional web developer for over 20 years and having evolved with the industry to stay on top of the newest tools and options, I specialize in WordPress because it offers an immense amount of value, with all the bells and whistles, that used to take months of custom code to create.


I help clients with everything web site related: from domain name acquisition, hosting plans, and even logos… to site development, graphics, site security and site maintenance.  Due to my love of writing and a knack for spelling, editing and organization, I am able to take the content given to me by my clients and fine-tune it to create a professional and polished site.

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Better Ranking
Built-In SEO

When it comes to SEO, the “secret” is in the way the site is built!  Better search engine ranking literally starts with the foundation of a site… it shouldn’t be an afterthought.  The way a site is coded, the way images are tagged, the meta tags that are added, the way content, text and headings are displayed, all create the foundation for better search engine ranking.  I build all web sites with SEO in mind.

Built-In Responsiveness

Today, more and more people are viewing sites, and even shopping, from their phones.  This means that YOUR web site should be “responsive” and adjust its layout for various sized devices.  I build all sites with automated responsiveness so that your site will be “mobile-ready” and look good on different sized devices… all without you having to build separate web sites for each device.

Better Security
Built-In Security

Hacking and security breaches on web sites have been increasing in scope and severity each year and the problem is expected to continue rising. Hackers and automated bots continually try to break into web sites.  I build all web sites with a foundation of security measures in-place.  In addition, all sites should have regular security maintenance even after they are built.  See below for more information.

WebImageMedia.com Provides Web Site Security
Security & Hacking

Web Site Security Is A MUST, not a maybe

It’s a constant battle to keep hackers at bay and a task you cannot take lightly if you have a web site online.  Security breaches on web sites are up 67% since 2014!  That’s roughly a 10% increase every year!  So in 2020 and beyond, the steps that need to be taken to protect your web site will increase in tandem with the increase in hacker activity.


There are many things that can be done to help keep hackers out of your web site – things that must be continually monitored, updated and improved upon.  From usernames, visibility, passwords, plugins and updates to IP blocking, scanning, coding, backups and more, your site needs a security plan and it must be updated and monitored on a regular basis.  Please contact me today for information on how I can help you keep your site secure.

Percentage of Web Sites Vulnerable To Hackers 0

Increase In Security Breaches Detected Since 2014 0

Percentage Of Web Sites That Need A Security Plan 0


What My Clients Have To Say!

Please see the Testimonials Page for a few recommendations and quotes by a few of my clients.

Teri G


We LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! You are without a doubt the BEST WEB DESIGNER and MANAGER we have EVER HAD!!!!

-Teri G., Desco Fine Homes

Randy B

"Work ethic is stellar."

Shannan is an industry expert who has provided excellent service and advice to me over the years we have known each other. She truly takes into account your needs as the client. It was truly refreshing to work with such a committed individual. Her work ethic is stellar and she is committed to providing excellent service to her clients. I highly recommend Shannan and Web Image Media.

-Randy B., TexCore Resources, Inc.

Lennie S

"Gives 200%"

Shannan gives 200%... when you really really need it she gets it done with style!!!!!

-Lennie S, Owner at Paniolo Records

Mark S

"Extraordinarily Helpful."

Shannan has always been extraordinarily helpful and a pleasure to deal with on issues that have come up with our mutual client.

-Mark S., Creative Director at RMG Networks

Steve D

"I Can't Say Enough Good Things."

I can't say enough good things about Shannan. She's very creative, personable, and trustworthy. I have been extremely satisfied with the work she's done for me, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a polished, quality web site to advertise their goods and or services.

-Steve D., PC Support Specialist at Richland College

Jerry R

"Smart, Creative and Fast."

Shannan is smart, creative and fast! Always one to deliver. She's a thinker with great integrity who focuses on solving problems the most efficient way possible. We worked together on the Granite Transformations website and enjoyed a tremendous relationship. I highly recommend Shannan- you won't be disappointed.

-Jerry R., RMG Networks

Jim L

"Highly Recommend"

Shannan designed several commercial Web sites for which I provided freelance consulting services on ColdFusion and SQL Server pages. Shannan's designs are attractive, interesting, and accessible. I highly recommend her design services.

-Jim L., Web Developer

D. H.

"Highly Creative."

She worked her booty off trying to get my site just the way I wanted it. She is highly creative with conservative and analytical aspects as well!

-D. H., Salon Owner

Jeanette G

"Extremely Conscientious and Reliable."

I have worked with Shannan for 2 years and found her to be extremely conscientious and reliable. She is very personable and worked well with our franchisees.

-Jeanette G., Event Manager

Dr. Lyles

"Very Professional and Versatile Service."

Shannan and her Web Image Media created my website, for which I have had numerous compliments. I am always happy to share my website address with potential clients and she has been very available for updates when needed. Very professional and versatile service.

-Dr. Lyles

Bill B

"Always Gets The Job Done."

Loved working with Shannan. She is bright, fun, energetic and always gets the job done.

-Bill B., Managing Partner, Shape Strategies, Inc.

Chela P

"A Detail-Oriented Professional."

Shannan is a detail-oriented professional. She provides efficient customer service, and a friendly demeanor. Shannan is extremely dependable as well, and will help with any problem she sees fit.

-Chela P., Marketing Manager

Carl G

"Extremely Reliable, Personable & Trustworthy"

Shannan provided our company with a vast array of services since before I started working at Granite Transformations. She has proven herself to be extremely reliable, personable and trustworthy. Her level of commitment to her clients sets her apart from many I have worked with in the past. When a supplier is willing to take calls from a frantic client during her vacations abroad you know you have someone that will always be there for you.

-Carl G., VP Talent Acquisition. Senior Recruitment Specialist