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Answers To Common Questions
Do you update sites?

Yes!  Most of my clients continue to have me update their web site after it is launched.  Some intend to update their own web site after it is launched but later decide it’s too much to keep up with and have me do it for them.  Besides content updates, all sites need regular security, software, plugin and server maintenance. I also have many clients whose sites I did not create but for whom I offer site updates, security and maintenance.  If you already have a web site online but just need a little help with it, contact me.  I’ll look over your site and give you my recommendations and we can go from there.

What is WordPress?

There are two types of WordPress web site platforms: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.  WordPress.org is the version I use as a professional web developer.


For examples of WordPress web sites I have built, go to the Portfolio page and click on the CMS WORDPRESS PLATFORM heading. For examples of HTML web sites I have built, go to the Portfolio page and click on the NON-CMS HTML PLATFORM heading.


WordPress.com versus WordPress.org……

WordPress.com is NOT the platform that I use.  WordPress.com is a do-it-yourself platform where you can set up a free blog or web site using their domain… something like mysite.wordpress.com…  with advertising displayed on your site and very limited options.  This is not usually a good fit for a business but would be okay for a personal blog.


Alternatively, WordPress.org is the “all-the-bells-and-whistles” professional version that I install on your own hosting, using your own domain name.  The .org version is the platform that I am referring to on this site.  It is a set of software that I install on your hosting plan that provides the foundation for your professionally created and unique web site.

What is a domain?

For a quick definition, a domain name is a web address that you register with an approved domain registrar.  The registrar will give you an account where you can point your domain name to your hosting plan (the place where you upload your web site files) via DNS and what are called IP addresses or nameservers.  Once pointed to your hosting plan, when someone puts your domain name in the address bar of a web browser, behind-the-scenes magic happens and your site will be displayed.


Tip: Only use a TOP LEVEL domain registrar when registering your domain names.  Do not use a middle-man type of company.

What is hosting?

A hosting account is the place where you upload your web site files – where your web site “lives.”  You purchase a hosting plan from a hosting company (may or may not be the same company where you register your domain name) for a span of time, usually a year or more, and then you set up your web site on that hosting plan.


There are many different types of hosting plans and you will need one that is compatible with your web site – as web sites can be created on different programming platforms and have special functions and needs.  I can help you decide on the appropriate hosting plan for your needs.

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for “Content Management System.”  If your site has a CMS, it means that the content that is displayed on the site is housed in a database and that you can log in to the admin area of your web site (the CMS) and edit the site’s content inside the CMS user interface.  A WordPress web site is a type of CMS web site.

Where do I start?

Getting your new web site started is as simple as sending an e-mail! Simply fill out my short contact form with a few details about what you need and let’s get started! You can also view the helpful tips on the services page for more information.

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Navigating the waters of web site development can be confusing on your own.  Let me help!  Contact me today to discuss your web site needs.

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