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WordPress Plans and Premium Plugins

Compare Plans & Premium Plugins For Your WordPress Web Site

Premium WordPress Plans and Add-Ons:

Maintenance Plans for WordPress
All WordPress Web Sites Need Regular Maintenance Including Software & Plugin Updates and Security Monitoring.
Retainer Plans For WordPress
Have your Web Developer on retainer at a discounted rate! Covers client-requested content updates and/or SEO.
Premium Plugins For WordPress
Keep hackers AND spammers at bay with Premium Security and Premium Anti-Spam Plugins.

What are WordPress Maintenance Plans and why do I need one?



WordPress maintenance plans cover “under-the-hood” types of tasks that the developer needs to do on a regular basis to ensure your site stays online, working properly, with the latest updates to software, plugins, theme files, server settings, PHP version, etc.  Maintenance plans also include security monitoring and “Site Insurance,” which covers up to 4 hours to get your site back online in the event of a hacked, down or compromised site.  (Please note that the limited amount of time allotted in maintenance plans are intended for developer-driven tasks and do not include client-requested changes, which are billed separately).

What are WordPress Retainer Plans and why do I need one?



A WordPress Retainer Plan covers requests by client to make updates to their web site and / or covers time for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or other projects client and developer plan for the web site.  Retainer plans offer a set amount of time per month at a discounted rate.  Unused time does not roll over to the next month BUT developer will use unused time to complete planned tasks or SEO or other tasks at developer’s discretion.


Retainer Plans do not cover the general maintenance that keeps the software up-to-date or for security monitoring.  Anyone who signs up for a Retainer Plan should also sign up for a Maintenance Plan unless the client handles maintenance on their own.

What are WordPress Premium Plugins and why do I need them?



The WordPress software itself is free.  In addition, there are hundreds of free plugins that can be used on WordPress sites to add all sorts of extra functionality.  There are also some really amazing plugins that require a fee to use them, often an annual recurring fee but some also have a one-time fee.


We recommend a few paid plugins including Premium Anti-Spam (comes free with some of our WordPress maintenance plans), which helps trap spam comments and spam submitted via forms on your web site (sifting through spam is a HUGE time-waster and this plugin pays for itself almost instantly!); Premium Security, which allows extra security features and can even block entire countries from accessing your site; and various other plugins such as FlipBook software, WooCommerce shopping site additions, etc.

What is the difference between Maintenance Plans and Retainer Plans?


All WordPress web sites need a Maintenance Plan (which covers software upgrades, security and more), but not every site needs a Retainer Plan.  Retainer Plans compliment Maintenance Plans by adding more time for client-requested updates or SEO at a discounted rate. Retainer Plans don’t cover the developer-driven tasks included in Maintenance Plans, such as software upgrades, security, etc.