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Shannan Hauser, Web Developer
Shannan Hauser
Freelance Web Developer, Owner
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Shannan Hauser, Professional Web Developer, Web Image Media, www.webimagemedia.com

A Little About Me…

Doing What I Love.

A Few Favorite Quotes:

``Make everything as simple as possible but not one bit simpler.``

– Benjamin Franklin

``The secret of getting ahead is getting started.``

– Mark Twain

``Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.``

– Benjamin Franklin

Having been a professional web developer for over 20 years and having evolved with the industry to stay on top of the newest tools and options, I chose to specialize in WordPress because it offers an immense amount of value, with all the bells and whistles, that used to take months of custom code to create.


I help clients with everything web site related: from domain name acquisition, hosting plans, and even logos… to site development, graphics, site security and site maintenance.  Due to my love of writing and a knack for spelling, editing and organization, I am able to take the content given to me by my clients and fine-tune it to create a professional and polished site.


In the 20+ years I have been a professional web designer, I have seen the coding, styles, platforms and tools change dramatically. Web Design is an ever-changing industry that lends itself well to designers and programmers who are adaptable, analytical and love to learn…like me!


My first programming language was Cold Fusion and it was the catalyst for landing large, high-profile web site contracts right from the start. Back then, there was no such thing as a ready-made CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress with themes and plugins that could make the kinds of web sites we have today. If you wanted the site to do a specific function, you had to write code to make it happen.  Now, there’s a plugin for nearly any desired feature.  Back when I first started, I coded by hand using Notepad and wrote code from scratch, including creating databases from scratch and creating the code that makes the database and web site “talk” to each other. Those days are long gone due to the evolution of technology and programming. Today, there is no need to reinvent the wheel with each new client. Amazing and free platforms such as WordPress (the wordpress.org software, not wordpress.com) are open-source and allow professional web developers like myself to start with an incredible foundation of code, structure and features and turn it into a completely unique and professionally developed web site for my clients.


I’ve created web sites for clients all over the globe, from “mom and pop” shops to worldwide franchise systems and everything in between. My first paying web site was for a casino in Southern California in 2001 where I created a database-driven site that allowed people to sign up online for the “Casino Club.” Another highlight in my web design career was creating an online presence for a leading world-wide franchise company, including a CMS that I built / coded from scratch which allowed each franchise to create and edit their own page on the main corporate site. My ability to keep that site on the first page of Google for 10+ years in a very competitive market was the foundation for my SEO (search engine optimization) skill set.


I love what I do and I’d love to create your next web site. If you are looking for an ultra-professional, modern, responsive and fabulous web site, please contact me today. I specialize in custom WordPress sites which allows the client to log in to an admin area and edit much of the site on their own, if they choose to do so, after the site is built. I also create HTML sites and remodel existing sites.


I am based in the Dallas area but work with clients worldwide.  Due to the nature of the business, where all facets can be done online and via e-mail, location is no barrier.  In fact, I have many clients that I have never even met. So no matter where you are located, I can create your web site.


Contact me today for more information.

Steps To Get Started Creating Your New Professional Web Site:

1 1
Think Of Potential Domain Names

Think of Potential Domain Names, The Web Address, For Your New Site (For Instance, My Domain Is WebImageMedia.com). If You Are Hitting A Creative Road Block Or Need Help With This, I Can Help!

2 2
Start Gathering Content & Ideas

Start Gathering Text and Content For Your New Web Site. I Know This Sounds Daunting So You Will Be Happy To Know That You Don't Have To Have It ALL Together For Me To Get Started On Your Web Site!

3 3
Start Thinking About Photos

If You Already Have Photos That Can Be Used For Your New Site, That's Great. If Not, We Can Use Stock Photography, Or You Can Begin Thinking About Hiring A Photographer. Contact me For Help On This!

4 4
Contact Me & Let's Get Started

Contact Me Before Step 1 or After Step 3... Or At Any Point In Your Planning Process & We Can Get Started! I Look Forward To Creating Your New, Professional, Custom Web Site & Helping Your Business Soar!

Contact Me To Get Started

Testimonials & Recommendations…

What My Clients Have To Say!

Please see the Testimonials Page for a few recommendations and quotes by a few of my clients.