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Can’t Connect to FTP on GoDaddy Hosting? Here’s a Solution!

Written By: Web Image Media

Can’t Connect to FTP on GoDaddy Hosting? Here’s a Solution!

GoDaddy FTP problem solved.  If you are having FTP problems – FTP Will Not Connect using FileZilla – try this solution.


I make passwords really strong and really long.   When creating an FTP username/password in GoDaddy Hosting Control Panel, the password criteria box that pops up says that the password must be between 8-14 characters.  In making a password for my new FTP user, I naturally made it long but didn’t count the number of characters it contained.  The password length and all the other password criteria boxes ticked as accepted and my FTP user set up was successful.  BUT, then the FTP connection in FileZilla would not connect; and I could not connect via WS_FTP Pro either.  I was receiving the following error in FileZilla:


“530 Login authentication failed
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server”


From this and GoDaddy’s support forum, I could see that the 530 code meant that the password wasn’t validating.  After much reading and analyzing on GoDaddy’s support, and after trying every combination of FTP hostnames and ports I could try, nothing was working.  Then, with my Nancy Drew hat firmly in place, I had a hunch this password issue could be due to the fact that my password was too long.  I have seen similar issues in the past.  So, on my hunch, I went into the GoDaddy hosting control panel and shortened my password to 13 characters.   Low-and-behold, IT WORKED!


Remember that when I set up my password in the first place with over 14 characters (more like 20 characters), the GoDaddy control panel accepted it and said it was successful.   So, even if GoDaddy shows that your password meets the password criteria, make sure your password is actually between 8-14 characters in length.

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