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Google, Facebook and others are spying on you!

Written By: Web Image Media

Google, Facebook and others are spying on you!

Did you know that Google stores a list of everything you search for and all of the YouTube videos you watch and more?!?

Ever wonder why you see ads on Facebook and elsewhere for the same items you recently searched for? It’s called targeted marketing and Google, Facebook and others are spying on you to learn what you want (via what you are searching for) so that they can serve up things they think you’ll BUY. This is how Google and Facebook make money. That’s fine and all, but what if you don’t want to see ads, or want anyone else looking at your screen to see ads, about the wart removal cream you searched for last night? Learn how to stop Google from collecting your search data… and other useful tools to protect your privacy.  Read more here: http://www.dallasnews.com/business/business/2016/07/06/get-see-erase-embarrassing-google-searches

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